SweetDiscreet exploits A. Fictitious Girls and Fake Profiles


SweetDiscreet exploits A. Fictitious Girls and Fake Profiles

These crooks don’t pay.

authentic websites you know?

Yes it really is a complete site which is bogus. We personally took the women who hit on me and reviewed their photos and they were all fake after a month of checking. I don’t think I remember a real girl. It included pictures of a woman pretending to be still a virgin and a 19 year old punching old man. I am in my fifties and place my age limit in my thirties. Her images were first posted in 2006 on a porn site called jailbait. Needless to say that in 2015 she might no longer be a prisoner, but I’m also sure that she is no longer a virgin if she was also in 2006. Total fucking of this website. Moreover, once you report that someone has changed absolutely nothing, they will stay on the website also for a week after reporting the consumer as a fake user. There was clearly only a range of four alternatives that one can file a question under a person. Don’t bother reporting an issue, because your complaints just seem to be heading to a special robot known as a shredder. The good thing is giving big old folks anything like me an ego boost that someone might really love you. At the very least, unless you recognize that robot communications are meaningless and not responding to any geek2geek reddit of ever the questions you have. Most of the bots’ responses are probably written by someone or posted on other online dating sites. While the reactions may seem genuine in isolation, the reactions are not very well helped by the girl, her previous responses and certainly have nothing to do with your concerns and the responses you have given before. It seems that the artificial intelligence of these robots is exactly it. This option of operating this amazing site has a long way to go before they pass a Turing test. However, they obviously never care when you’ve already compensated them. And it’s interesting that in December 2015 they were still using the female because SweetDangela was the first to respond in my experience as well. And she reacted before I wrote such a thing on my webpage or included pictures. My apologies, but I can’t think of a good reason to stay or join this website, save some money and stop spending website owners making websites like this shit.

This website also uses people fishing for people looking for team events. You can be contacted by a Frenchwoman whose current e-mail address is [email protected] and ends up luring one of them to point out to their website the sponsor of the events. Once your sign is initialized, try to entice one to another website to sign up and I also imagine this process repeats over and over again. Be warned. Moreover, the above reviews are 100% correct, the checkers on this website are 100% wrong.

ah shit! I just gave it up with this bullshit too! LOL I can’t believe this “[email protected]“Bitch keep using the email which is the same. I personally logged into 2 different sites so I could really visit an ‘orgy’ Ha! Anyway CCBill provided me with my cashback for the first “SweetDirscrete” but EPOCH didn’t personally offer me my $ 30 refund for “sexwebcam” or whatever shit. Guess I’ll decide to try Googling someone’s sketchy emails one sooner next time…

This thing is the same if you ask me, but I was contacted on the skout dating website and told to join an orgy too. I had the opportunity to speak with one of the moderators Alice Shelby 13. I was referred by her to the SD website. I subscribed but I wouldn’t spend such a thing. She told me that maybe I couldn’t do it. She agreed to take action for me personally, but I might need to give her all of my information with no luck. She said the site is joined by you costing $ 29 so when you get to the orgy you spend another 29. They have stated that they will have health practitioners to test you for the stallions. She ended up being my partner too. It sounded too good to be true and it had been too. Thank god for these websites you can check these SOBs

yes it was served by me the email is ” [email protected] “

They tried to trick me into signing me up and updating up to a one month silver plan from the profile which is fakeLetsGetLaid2014) on another site, with this group sex sponsorship stuff / orgy.

“She” now uses [email protected] with fake pictures of Leanna Decker you can easily google online.

I signed up for the first (I was reimbursed) but resisted the second.

Now it really is †“ [email protected] I happened to be drawn to this from a contact made on another website. We scanned the website for the context of Sweet Discreet, after being ordered to participate, to be able to attend sexual events, as others have mentioned above. I happened to be a bit skeptical right now if the costs I was being asked to cover almost did not add up to the total income creation to create a viable business! Also, it was suggested to me that your website is part of ‘Alt’ sic. We have reviewed with Alt com, and these websites have nothing to do with them. I believe these people are moles buried in legitimate websites. Nicole had indeed been registered as a user for about 9 months, but no task had been noted, until she called me personally via a message from the site. Of course, I will contact Alt com so you can tell them what the activity is. Thank you very much for home elevators for these pages, and keep up with the pace of the work which is good. It has been found by me invaluable. Yet another idea before having. My experience tells me to prevent any dating site registered in Malta.

[email protected] is yet another address that is wrong.

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